Torek, 26. Januar 2021

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Children and their families: Monitoring the situation of children and their families

The fundamental activity of the Child Observatory is a comprehensive and systematic monitoring of the situation in quality of life of children in Slovenia and on the basis of the data obtained this way to formulate proposals on how to improve their situation. In this area there were conducted a number of studies and researches within the institute, aimed at specific areas of children's lives.

A precondition for carrying out analyses of the situation and monitoring the effects of policies and measures taken by the state in relation to children is the access to data about children. It is important that the data are collected in one place and that they are designed in a way that addresses the child as a unit of an analysis and not as a part of other categories (e. g. family or institutions, such as kindergartens, schools, etc.). Only this way we can gain insight into the overall picture of the situation of children in Slovenia and their relevant needs that are not being met sufficiently. For that purpose, we have created an online database on children. The database is intended for the general public and all, who are interested in the field of quality of children's lives.