Torek, 26. Januar 2021

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Management board

The sixth call of the IRSSV MANAGEMENT BOARD (Constitutive meeting: 18th March 2018) for the period 2018–2023

Structure of the IRSSV Management Board:

- Liljana Rihter, PhD, Faculty of social work - University of Ljubljana (representative of the founder), the chairman

- Polona Dremelj, PhD, IRSSV - representative of the employees at IRSSV (the deputy chairman)

- Tomaž Čebulj, Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (representative of the founder)

- Vladimir Pegan, MSc,  Association of War Veterans of Slovenia (representative of the founder)

- Katja Vadnal, PhD, Association Sožitje (representative of Social Chamber of Slovenia)

- Andraž Zgonc, MSc, Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth (representative of the founder)

- Melita Zorec, MSc, Retirement Home of Ljubljana Vič-Rudnik (representative of Social Chamber of Slovenia)