Torek, 26. Januar 2021

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Social affairs: Social security programmes

Monitoring the implementation of social security programmes has been for many years one of the regular annual tasks of the IRSSV. Therefore, each year we collect annual reports on the execution of the programmes financed by the MDDSZ, and on their basis we prepare a mainly quantitative analysis of social programmes that were carried out in the past year.

Thereby we gain insight into the development of a network of social protection programmes, supported financially by the MDDSZ, and achieve pluralisation of this network. Timely monitoring of social security programmes is also important in terms of verifying the achievement of the objectives that were set in the key strategic documents in this area. 

With a view to the widest possible public access to certain basic data on the programmes, financed by the MDDSZ, in 2010 we published on our website the first basic data about the programme in a user-friendly and simple form. This database is updated every year.

All programmes that have acquired a document of professional verification from the Social Chamber of Slovenia and are mainly multiannually financed by MDDSZ, are included in the system of regular national assessment. These are public social security programmes, which must be incorporated into a single system of evaluation under the agreement with the MDDSZ.

In this regard, we have developed an evaluation model, an educational programme, measurement instruments, and prepared a computer application in Open Office software package for data entry and written a guide for using the application. There is a regular ongoing training and technical assistance offered to the included in the system of evaluation, and integration of new programmes that obtain the verification of the Social Chamber of Slovenia.

In 2013, we launched the second round of evaluations.