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Social protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

The Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia was founded in 1996 by the Republic of Slovenia. On its behalf the executive rights and obligations are carried out by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MLFSA). In 2004 the Child Observatory joined the Research Department.

In accordance with its annual plan the Institute creates and maintains a variety of databases for social assistance and social services including development and experimental programmes. The Institute monitors the implementation of a number of government programmes by establishing specialised systems of indicators and provides informational support for them by collecting and analysing data. For the purposes of effective decision-making it provides expert opinions on a number of government measures and advises the MLFSA.

Our vision is to maintain and develop the role of a high-quality, innovative, distinctive and acclaimed research institution in the field of social protection and broader social policy, with a focus on monitoring the situation of vulnerable groups of the population.

We offer professional support for the development of social policy, with a focus on social and disability care and family policy.


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Inštitut RS za socialno varstvo

Organisation (eng):

Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia




Tržaška 2, 1000 Ljubljana


+ 386 1 2000 250, + 386 1 2000 260, +386 51 271 873


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59 666 04

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